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    High-speed rail power "Xi'an made" to provide green development engine
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    Date: 2019-11-07
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    Author: ZHANGLONG
    It not only realizes the power improvement of the traction system, but also makes the train start acceleration performance good, and can also meet the train on the Xicheng high-speed rail ramp.

    On December 6, the long-awaited Xicheng high-speed rail was finally opened. Recently, the CRH3A EMU on this line has attracted much attention. Because of the golden outline design of the windows on both sides of the front cab, it was called by netizens. Golden eyes." The "Golden Eye" will cross the ramp and have a large drop, directly falling into the Qinling Mountains about 1100 meters. Therefore, the traction system known as the "heart" of the motor car is crucial.

    The reporter was informed that 100% of the “Golden Eyes” complete electric drive system comes from “Xi'an Made”, which was developed by Zhongche Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. as the complete electric drive system of the CRH3A EMU, the main model of Xicheng Line (including traction converter). The only supporting supplier of traction motors, auxiliary converters, etc., insists on independent innovation and overcomes difficulties. It not only realizes the power improvement of the traction system, but also makes the train start acceleration performance good, and can also meet the train on the Xicheng high-speed rail ramp. The requirement to stand still and start without slipping provides hard support for the Xicheng high-speed rail.

    As the creator of the "heart" of China's high-speed rail, CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. has made outstanding contributions in rail transit, wind power generation, construction machinery, service industry, overseas operations, etc., and realized "Made in China" in many fields. A leap to "Created in China."

    "Golden Eyes" power foot

    Breaking the "difficulty of martyrdom, it is difficult to go to the sky"

    More than a thousand years ago, the great poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty wrote the eternal singer of "The Difficulty of the Road" in the majestic and dangerous Qin Ba Dashan, and sent out the feeling of "difficulty in martyrdom, difficult to go to the sky". Today, the "Golden Eyes" has broken this millennium myth, and it has become a thoroughfare. From the north to the south, the Xicheng high-speed railway passes through the Guanzhong Plain, the Qinling Mountains, the Hanzhong Plain, and the Bashan Mountain Range. It is the first high-speed railway in China that crosses the Qinling Mountains.

    The high-speed train will cross the Qinba Mountain at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The citizens of Xi'an can realize the lunch and the simmering of the hot pot.

    Recently, the "Golden Eyes" is undergoing a full-line trial operation of the Xicheng High-speed Railway. The relevant person in charge and the technicians of CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. followed the test of the car and witnessed the train modules gradually reaching the test requirements through continuous running and debugging, and experienced the continuous speed increase of the train.

    According to reports, the Xicheng high-speed rail runs through a large section of the uphill road, a section of 25-inch long ramp up to 45 kilometers, a direct drop of about 1100 meters. To ensure high-speed and stable operation of high-speed trains in various complex environments, the traction electric drive system is indispensable. It provides power and energy for trains, determines the speed, safety, comfort and high efficiency of train operation. It is called "high-speed rail heart." ".

    Although the "difficult roads" that have been passed down for thousands of years have become history, the road of "Changyue Chang'an" is not flat. The slope is long and the gap is large. This is the characteristic of this high-speed railway line. The large slope successfully achieved the shortening of the lateral distance through the Qinling area, but put forward higher requirements for the traction system of the EMU. To this end, the members of the project team of CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. insisted on innovation and hard work, and finally realized a substantial increase in system power, which not only has the characteristics of good starting acceleration performance, but also satisfies the static and start of the long-incline ramp of Xicheng high-speed railway. The demand for not slipping, tailored a strong "heart" for the Xicheng high-speed rail.

    "Golden Eyes" has a high face value

    A number of innovative guarantee power systems are safe and reliable

    The high-value "golden eye" also has high-tech connotations. Adhering to the green, efficient and low-cost design requirements, “Golden Eyes Heart” has achieved a number of innovations, and system product technology innovations have their own characteristics – mature traction motors, optimized design, light weight, strong overload capability; traction converter The power utilization of the device is high; the power module is small in size and has a low failure rate.

    “The CRH3A EMU electric drive system is a new product developed by CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. The key to technological innovation is to achieve high reliability.” According to the relevant person in charge of CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd., the system The included traction converter, traction motor, auxiliary converter and other products have been optimized and have significant advantages such as high reliability, good redundancy and strong overload capability. At present, the system has carried out static commissioning, dynamic commissioning, ring railway type test and positive line running test, etc., after 850,000 km trial operation. The smooth progress of the tests fully verified the stability of the traction power and the ability to run on the long ramp.

    In addition, there are continuous lighting when riding high-speed rail, hot air in winter, air-conditioning in summer, rechargeable, and WIFI, all of which require an auxiliary system to function. The auxiliary system adopts the parallel power supply mode, and the redundancy is high; the whole system has the function of no fire returning self-generation, which ensures the continuous power supply of the train auxiliary system.

    It is reported that among the trains and locomotives that China Railways operates online, there are 15 models of high-speed EMUs, 11 models of high-power electric locomotives and the “heart” of various diesel locomotives from CMB Yongji Motor Company.

    Focus on the field of transportation energy

    Yongji Electric Powered the Development of Xi'an

    As the creator of the "heart" of China's high-speed rail, CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. has made outstanding contributions in rail transit, wind power, construction machinery, service industry and overseas operations. According to the relevant person in charge of CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd., the company is one of the core subsidiaries of CRRC in China. It aims to become an internationally competitive supplier of electric drive system solutions, focusing on transportation equipment and energy equipment. The field has achieved sustained, stable and rapid development. It has a nationally recognized enterprise technology center in Xi'an, two wholly-owned subsidiaries, one holding joint venture company and one joint venture joint venture company. Mainly responsible for the research and development and industrialization of China's high-speed rail "Harmony", "Revival" traction system, national major science and technology special IGBT device industrialization, urban rail transit traction system and ground power supply system research and development and industrialization, and research and development of high-power wind power equipment And industrialization, there are currently more than 2,000 employees, with an annual sales income of about 5 billion yuan, which not only contributed to the vigorous development of the regional economy, but also provided strong support for the construction of Xi'an.

    Relying on the strategic opportunity of Xi'an to build a modern, international and ecological Xi'an, CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. will increase industrial development and investment, accelerate the construction of “one center and three bases” and boost “Great Xi'an in running” Rapid development.

    A world-class R&D center will be built. In the current era, using the new technology and new business to comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of traditional industries has become an international development trend. CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. will focus on the needs of users, aiming at achieving breakthroughs in key technological innovations, using "Internet +" The new concept, build advanced product design platform, simulation verification platform, R&D management platform, academic exchange platform, and strive to build a world-class R&D center that can provide users with system solutions in three years, making technological innovation become Yongji Electric Company. New core competitiveness.

    The rail transit industry base will be built. As a key enterprise supported by the Xi'an Municipal Government, CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. is expected to invest in the construction of the Greater Xi'an and actively participate in the infrastructure construction of Shaanxi Province. The main products can cover high-speed rail, intercity railway, subway and other fields.

    A green energy industry base will be built. Based on the industry's technical accumulation of 20 years of research and development of wind turbines, CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. plans to build a green energy industrial base represented by high-power direct-drive wind turbines and new energy vehicle electric drive systems in Xi'an. Green new energy industry such as wind power generation and photovoltaic power, expand new energy vehicles, high-performance power conversion devices and other industries, and form industrial alliances with local enterprises. The main products can cover green energy equipment manufacturing and smart energy management.

    A smart manufacturing demonstration base will be built. CRRC Yongji Motor Co., Ltd. will actively participate in Xi'an comprehensive innovation and independent innovation projects, accelerate the construction of intelligent manufacturing demonstration bases, integrate industries, and form a green and efficient intelligent manufacturing industry base under the guidance of "Made in China 2025". It has made new contributions to the development of Xi'an intelligent manufacturing industry and brought new highlights to the new development of Xi'an. Reporter Niu Ling

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