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    Intelligent upgrade of ordinary motor, let "crow become phoenix"
    Category: Industry News
    Date: 2019-11-07
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    Author: ZHANGLONG
    A VR racing equipment requires 3 to 6 servo motors, which cost more than 50%.Yunwei Technology's approach is to intelligently transform ordinary motors.

    Put on a pair of special glasses, then ignite, step on the gas pedal, you immediately become the "car god" Schumacher - this is the fun of the VR (virtual reality).

    Compared with VR gun battles, rock climbing, and tightrope walking, VR driving is even more fascinating - the VR car's base is equipped with a power unit. When the car turns, the steering wheel and seat will follow the steering range and the proportional driving inclination, and the real driving experience. Almost the same.

    However, the VR simulation driving equipment market has been tepid. The reason is that the price is as high as more than 100,000 yuan, and it usually takes more than 3 years for the merchant to return to the original.

    Such an industry is expected to be cracked by Chongqing Yunwei Technology. The company recently launched a VR racing equipment, priced at only 30,000 yuan, the time required for businesses to recover their investment is greatly shortened. Yunwei Technology squeezed the industry profits, or lost money?

    “Our production costs are much lower than our competitors. Even if we sell at current prices, we have high profits.” Li Wei, founder of Yunwei Technology, said that the main reason for the low production cost is that the company invented through independent innovation. A new servo motor.

    The so-called servo motor is a motor that can precisely control the speed and steering amplitude. The industrial robot arm is equipped with it, and the movement range of up, down, left and right can be accurate to within millimeters. The current market price of this kind of motor is more than 10,000 yuan. A VR racing equipment requires 3 to 6 servo motors, which cost more than 50%.

    Yunwei Technology's approach is to intelligently transform ordinary motors. Ordinary motors, like the electric drills we use every day, start to rotate when the power is turned on, and the rotating shaft has a large inertia, which cannot be started and stopped accurately. Yunwei Technology installs auxiliary devices such as transmissions, position sensors and embedded computers on the motor, and intelligently controls the speed and steering of the motor through intelligent algorithm control software.

    “For example, the electric seat of a car is driven by an ordinary motor. It is still possible to adjust the seat for the seat. The reason is in the transmission.” Li Li said that the principle of using ordinary technology to transform ordinary motors is not complicated. It is difficult to control the intelligent control of components such as transmissions. The post-90s entrepreneur, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in technology invention awards from undergraduate to postgraduate level, led the team in a less conspicuous office building in two intersections, successfully developed this intelligent control. Software.

    Chongqing is an important production base for low-speed motors for automobiles and meters. The annual output is up to 1 million units. Chongqing is also the largest automobile industry base in the country. The annual output of small transmissions is over 1 million units. Electromechanical products like ordinary motors and transmissions can be described as "cheap and cheap" in Chongqing. The price of ordinary motors and transmissions is only about 100 yuan per unit at the lowest.

    However, after these intelligent mechanical and electrical products have undergone intelligent transformation, "the crow has turned into a phoenix." According to reports, the cost of this servo motor developed by Yunwei Technology is about 1,000 yuan, only 1/5 of the cost of similar products on the market.

    Taking advantage of the price advantage, Yunwei Technology's VR intelligent dynamic racing equipment sales situation is gratifying. In just a few months, it has been mass-produced and sold to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jilin, Xinjiang and other places. Li Li expects that in the next two years, the company can reach an annual output of more than 1,000 units. Correspondingly, Yunwei Technology will purchase nearly 10,000 ordinary motors in Chongqing every year. In order to ensure the quality of the supply, the company will raise the supplier price by 10%, so that the more difficult upstream manufacturers will get more profits.

    “Chongqing is a traditional manufacturing base. The production capacity and output of electromechanical products are very large. Because innovation can't keep up, the added value of products is low. For example, motorcycles have even reached the point where they are sold. The upgrading of the direction is a realistic and feasible road," said Long Zhaohua, a professor at Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

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