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    Company Profile

    Foshan Shunde Zhanglong Motor Co., Ltd.
    Located in Ronggui Rongli International Industrial City, Ronggui Rongli, Shunde District, it is a production and sales enterprise with 20 years of experience in motor manufacturing. It has a standardized production line and advanced production and inspection equipment. It specializes in producing single-phase asynchronous motors and single-phase series-excited motors. The company has established a quality management system according to ISO-9000 standards. The motor series products have obtained CCC certification and some motors have obtained UL certificates. The products are supplied to Midea Group, Vantage, Decker Kitchen, Changqing Group, Kejialin Electric, Meisi Special Industrial, Hongguo Electric, Weiwang Group, Aucma Shares and foreign famous Honeywell, Electrolux, Golden Athens and other famous strong brand product development support, with the host selling all over the country, and exported to countries around the world.

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    Contant Us

    General Manager Chen: +86-13928825090

    Manager Liang: +86-13450541670

    Phone: +86-757-23618898 / 23618896

    Add: Tianfulai, Ronggui Rongli, Shunde District, Foshan City

    International Industrial City, Phase 1, Block 5, 401.402.501

    QQ: 2854784532     E-mail: yw@zl-dj.cn

    Fax: 0757-23618890

    Website: www.cgsmthood.com

    Company Address



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